UPDATE: Notice Period for Project Tickets


There have been challenges on both the User side and the Member side with the new dig site restrictions that came into effect when the new system came on line.
The restrictions on dig size are not a function or limitation of the software, they are the restrictions set by the BRAG in the Business Rules for the use of One Call in Western Canada.

In a meeting on February 6, BRAG made the following decision:

Project Tickets will now have the same minimum notice period as Routine Tickets (3 days instead of 5 days)

Size restrictions will be re-evaluated in 2 weeks once more data on system impact is available and users become more accustomed to the new rules.

The change to the Project minimum notice is intended to assist those whose dig site is slightly larger than 900 sq meters (the limit for Regular tickets), but who cannot/do not want to wait 5 days for a response. Users have been working around this challenge by submitting several small Regular tickets for a larger dig area, resulting in multiple extra notifications to members and a burden on the system. Now those users can draw a larger dig area and keep the 3 days notice. Be advised, however, that large dig areas may result in a 5 day response time from the members if they are deemed too large or complex for locators to mark in a single visit to the site.

We will give you another update in 2 weeks.