Update: Mandatory Attachment Function


Over the weekend, AOC staff and our software service provider worked to remove the mandatory attachment function to locate requests. As noted, we underestimated the magnitude of launching this feature and the impact on your operations. The mandatory attachment function will be re-launched later in the 2017 dig season following completion and release of a comprehensive training program for AOC’s members and heaviest users and online tutorial for casual users.

Despite being one of the most technologically advanced One-call services in North America, there were over 4,000 damages to underground infrastructure in Alberta last year that were voluntarily reported to the Alberta Common Ground Alliance (reports are not mandatory). These reports determine root cause enabling stakeholders, like Alberta One-Call, to effect changes to prevent recurrences.

To date, only 35% of all locate requests include an attachment. Making user sketches mandatory on all web requests will significantly enhance the integrity of the damage prevention process by eliminating third-party interpretation of your dig site.

Beyond the cost of repairs, which are borne by utility owners, damages to underground infrastructure cost Albertans an estimated 300 million dollars last year. These societal costs include but are not limited to: loss of 911 services, emergency response, evacuation, loss of business, service disruption, and environmental mitigation.