New Software Launch Date: January 31, 2019


Over many months, the Pelican Project team has worked diligently to produce and test new software that will provide Western Canada with the most technologically advanced One Call system in North America. The software is completed. Member and user training is completed; and, the software and data have been moved into the cloud environment where the system will permanently reside.

Despite the hard work by all to date, we find ourselves in a time-crunch relative to data validation – a critical element and milestone of the cut-over process. To cut-over with absolute confidence, re-testing of the system and re-validation of the data transferred to the cloud environment demands a cut-over delay to January 31, 2019 to allow sufficient time to complete these critical tasks. The decision to delay is necessary but was not taken lightly and I apologize for any inconvenience this three week delay might cause to operations.


About the New One-call Software

Development of the PelicanCorp software for Alberta, BC and Manitoba is the culmination of over two years’ work that began with the alignment of One-call business rules across western Canada, preparation and release of a Request for Proposals for new One-call software for Alberta, BC and Manitoba and the selection of PelicanCorp through the RFP process. This software cut-over delay prior to the height of the 2019 digging season allows us to focus on these critical elements before final cut-over and provides further confidence we will experience a smooth cut-over January 31st.


Mike Sullivan
Alberta One-Call