Maximum Dig Site Size for Project Tickets in Rural Areas


In a recent meeting, Western Canada’s Business Rule Alignment Group voted to expand the maximum dig site size allowed on a single project ticket in rural areas.

As of March 6 2019, maximum dig sizes for a single Project ticket in Rural areas will be increased as follows:

  • A linear dig area no longer than 2.4 kms in length, with a maximum area not to exceed 4.2 squared kilometers, or
  • Single or multiple dig location(s) within an area no larger than 4.2 squared kilometers. (equivalent to 6 Quarter Sections)

The expansion of the maximum dig size for project tickets in rural areas will allow jobs spanning up to 6 quarter sections to be included on one ticket. This change results in less tickets for excavators and locators to manage when working on large jobs; it reduces the risk of gaps in the mapped work area when multiple tickets are required; and it facilitates the timely completion of the locates for these large jobs.

The Business Rule Alignment Group is meeting this week to review the maximum size of Project in urban areas within the limits of a municipality.

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