By the nature of their role in the Damage Prevention Process, locators can have a significant influence on the success of a ground disturbance.

For more information, go to the Canadian Association of Pipeline and Utility Locating Contractors (CAPULC) website at: www.capulc.ca

Locators have an obligation to provide sufficient information to anyone undertaking a ground disturbance to allow the ground disturber to complete his or her work safely and in compliance with the governing regulations. Locators should:

  • Understand the nature, purpose and scope of a proposed ground disturbance.
  • Identify and mark the locations of all utilities, potentially in conflict with a proposed ground disturbance, in accordance with governing regulations, industry practice and best practices.
  • Mark the locations of buried utilities adequately to show the horizontal alignment.
  • Advise the ground disturber of any special conditions, concerns or requirements.
  • Provide documentation of the locates performed to the ground disturber.
  • Ensure locate documentation is adequate to allow the re-establishment of the locate marks.
  • Ensure that the ground disturber understands the locates, their limitations and the documentation.
  • Perform locates safely.
  • Report any record errors found to the operator of the buried utility.
  • Recognize and accept that they have three sets of customers to satisfy:
    • the operators of the buried utilities,
    • the digging community and
    • the one-call centre.
  • Support and participate in damage prevention organizations and initiatives.