The Process

The request to have buried utilities identified and marked prior to an excavation is called a Locate Request.

When you submit a Locate Request, the system will use the area you indicated on the map to determine which companies have a buried utility registered with Alberta One-Call in your dig area.

Alberta One-Call records all information related to your locate request on a Ticket. Your Ticket is sent to each registered utility owner (Members of Alberta One-Call) affected by your excavation. You will be provided with the Ticket Number associated with your request.

Within a minimum of three full working days, the notified utility owners or their approved contract locator will contact you, or will visit the site to mark the location of the buried lines using water-soluble paint or flags. They will leave a document called a “Locate Slip” on site. Locate Slips include an explanation of the markings made on the ground, a drawing of buried lines in conflict with the dig area and instructions on how to dig safely.

Members of Alberta One-Call provide locate services at no charge to the excavator.

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