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The safety of those who live or dig in the vicinity of buried facilities and protecting vital utility services is everyone’s responsibility. Whether you’re a homeowner or a contractor, responsible digging means requesting locates before each job, understanding the locate(s) markings and digging safely near them. Take the time to learn the process you must follow to ensure a safe excavation process.

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  • The process

    Learn how simply calling Alberta One-Call – before you dig – triggers a process that reduces the potential for serious harm to people, utilities, property and the environment.

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  • Color Code Explanation

    When your site is marked to show the location of buried utilities, the markers will be coded in accordance with the Uniform Color Code. Review the color codes to understand what type of buried facility(s) may be present and what actions should be taken.

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  • Digging parallel to buried utilities

    When construction or other work requires a ground disturbance to take place next to, or near, a buried utility, extreme caution should be exercised. Find out how to proceed safely with the advice of the operator of the buried utility.

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  • Online User Training

    Take a short tour of online ticket entry procedures by clicking on our online learning module called “Submitting a Ticket Online

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