When to Contact Alberta One-Call

Whether you are landscaping, building a new fence or deck, or simply planting a garden, disturbing the ground on your property can cause damage to a buried utility. Some utilities are buried mere centimeters below the surface.

The result of a contact with a buried line can range from loss of an essential service for you or your neighbours to serious injury or fatalities. The financial costs of repairing any damage you cause to a buried utility will be borne by you, the excavator.

Before you disturb the ground for any reason:

Know What’s Below

Contact Alberta One-Call to request that the buried utilities on your property be located and marked at least three full working days before you plan to dig. Remember that during the busy Spring or Fall seasons, it may take longer for utility owners to respond, so contact us early. 

Plan Ahead

If you plan to disturb the ground, find out where the buried utilities are on your property as part of your project planning process. Check your property title for utility right of ways, and contact Alberta One-Call to place a request to have the utilities identified for planning purposes.

If, for example, you are planning to build a fence, the presence of buried utilities may dictate where posts can be installed or the location of the gate. Contact the utility owners directly for information about any building restrictions related to their buried lines.

When you are ready to begin your excavation, contact Alberta One-Call at least three full working days in advance to request fresh markings of the buried utilities on your property.

Submit a Locate Request

You’re almost there! To have your underground utilities located and marked, simply fill out our online locate request by clicking here. If this is your first time submitting an online locate request, getting started is as simple as watching the video here to learn about how it works and how to submit a ticket online. You can also contact us at 1-800-242-3447. Please note that we experience heavy call volumes during certain periods of the year.

For detailed instructions on processing your locate request online click HERE