About Us

Alberta One-Call is a private, not-for-profit corporation providing a communications service between people who intend to disturb the ground in Alberta and the utility operators who register their buried facilities (Members of Alberta One-Call).

Alberta One-Call is primarily concerned with safety and the prevention of damage to underground utilities. Those intending to disturb the ground, whether they are private homeowners or public contractors, can reduce the risk of personal injury and property damage by using the Alberta One-Call service. Operators of buried utilities, by being members of the Corporation, reduce the risk of utility damage, service disruption, environmental contamination, loss of product and potential disaster.

Full utilization of Alberta One-Call has distinct financial benefits to the digging community, the general public and members of the Corporation. Damage to buried utilities can lead to fatalities, personal injuries, environmental contamination, lawsuits, repairs, product losses, disruptions of essential services and evacuations.

Alberta One-Call is working in three distinct areas toward the prevention of damage to buried utilities.

  • Promoting membership in the Corporation.
  • Promoting the use of the Corporation's service to the digging community
  • Promoting public awareness of:
    • the inherent dangers of disturbing the ground,
    • the need to "Call or Click Before You Dig",
    • the need to hand expose when working near buried utilities and,
    • the need to "Dig Safely".

We are the largest and longest-serving one-call service in Canada, with over 700 registered member companies. We transmit close to two million notifications of excavations out to those members each year.

For more information about us, view our full Corporate Profile.